Brandchella has begun

Sure, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has plenty of music, food, camping, and parties, but, really, it’s all about the brands these days as the Empire Polo Field now includes American Express Lounge, Heineken Dome, and, last year, HP allowed fest goers to wait in a long line to design a flimsy water bottle. As more and more brands are willing to shell out huge amounts of coin in order to associate their name with the world’s biggest music festival, we’ll be keeping an eye out on the 2019 fest sponsorships, starting with the #FestivalHair Capsule Collection – because simply using shampoo and conditioner is not going to be enough for you to look your best at Coachella – a place that, I will remind you that many choose not to shower the entire weekend.

From the Pantene press release:

To prep consumers ahead of festival season, Pantene also launched its #FestivalHair Capsule Collection Kit with every festival and summer hair essential, including nutrient-infused stylers like Pantene Dry Shampoo and alcohol-free Airspray, an On-the-Go Frizz Iron, and conditioning treatments such as Pantene One Step Nourishing Hair Masks and Pantene’s NEW Intense Rescue Shot – the brand’s first at-home rescue treatment imported directly from Brazil, which just launched in the United States for the first time this month. The kit comes with a festival-ready, reusable zipper bag and will be available for pre-order on Amazon in January.

Ooooh, imported from Brazil, so you know it’s good.  Just like cologne made from real panther!

“With 20 million people going to music festivals every year and 93% of them using styling products or tools to up their festival look, Pantene saw a great opportunity to enable personal expression to go to the next level,” said Ilaria Resta, Vice President of Hair Care for North America at Procter & Gamble said in a press release – which means 7% of Coachella-goers are like, fuck it, no comb or product for me all weekend and I’m honestly surprised that number isn’t higher.

Now, I’m sure many of these products in the kit are great and why not treat your hair like everyday is #festival season – which I am sure is a slogan the Pantene marketing team is considering because merchandising!

Now bring on Coachella the Flamethrower!