Video: thief gets knocked out by boxing champ at Walgreens

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A man looking to rob a Walgreens ended up in handcuffs on Valentine’s Day, but only after taking four hard punches from a boxing champ that left him knocked out.

David West, 25, was being a good boyfriend on Valentine’s Day – paying his girlfriend a visit while she was working at the Walgreens in Bradenton, Florida. He had stopped in to see if she wanted some lunch.

“She said, ‘Subway,’ and literally like right as she said, ‘Subway,’ the gentleman walked around the counter and jumped onto the counter, demanding pain medicine,” West told ABC 13.

That “gentleman” was 26-year-old Anthony Nemeth. ¬†Upon seeing Nemeth reach for what he believed to be a weapon, West sprung into action by grabbing Nemeth,¬†then throwing four punches that knocked him out.

West holds two boxing titles in the state.

Police arrived and Nemeth was arrested.

“I really wasn’t trying to hurt anybody, I was just trying to do what was right,” West told ABC 13. “I was protecting the one I love.”