Bodybuilders Are Now Drinking Breast Milk to Get Yoked

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Bodybuilders are known for doing weird shit (deer antler spray anyone?) – but this may be the weirdest: some have taken to drinking breast milk. Yup, breast milk.

Some guys say they drink it for the incredible energy it gives them during workouts while others claim it is a clean way to build added muscle.

But where does someone buy such a product? The internet of course!

Websites like and are things that not only exist, but make women lots of cash. One woman claims that she made $1,200 in one month selling her extra breast milk!

And while it is not illegal, it can be risky as there are no controls on how the milk is stored or processed. Oh, and there is also a chance the milk could contain any number of viruses and / or bacteria.

But does it actually help to grow muscles? “There is nothing in breast milk that can be of benefit to a healthy adult or there is nothing in breast milk that would enhance your physical performance,” Dr. Lana Gagin, a pediatrician with Helen De Vos Children’s Hospital, told WZZM.

WZZM also compared how breast milk compares to cow’s milk:

One cup of breast milk:

2.5 grams of protein
10.8 grams of fat
17 grams of carbs
172 calories.
One cup of cow’s milk:

7.9 grams of protein
7.9 grams of fat
11 grams of carbs
146 calories.

One last point, one ounce of breast milk can cost anywhere from $6 to $10 an ounce!

Watch WZZM’s report here: