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You have my blessing to go hiking this weekend

You have my blessing to go hiking this weekend

Hey hikers, have you been thinking about hiking? Probably. Have you not hiked because, you know, that whole hiking in high temperatures is a really, really dangerous thing to do? I hope so. Well, guess what? It’s your lucky weekend as the Weather Gods have finally made it tolerable to hike. So go ahead and do it. You have my blessing.

But, here’s the thing.  There are some conditions. Even though it’s not going to be 120 degrees, it’s still going to be a little toasty in the afternoon – with high temperatures slated to be in the low 90s. So don’t be stupid about it. Go early, bring lots of water (something like this will help with that), go with a friend, protect your valuables, make sure your phone is charged, and, please, stay on the damn trails!  Also, I can’t stress this enough, don’t be a dick.

Also, since you have probably been sitting inside all summer watching Netflix, don’t be surprised if you are a bit out of shape.  It happens.  Don’t push yourself harder than you should.  There will be plenty of time for more hiking in the cooler months ahead.

As for where to go, well there’s always the crowded Bump and Grind trail or the short, but nice Cross Hike in Palm Desert.  The Coachella Valley Preserve is an easy hike with a cool oasis to take in.  La Quinta Cove is always nice too, well once you get past the mile of sand you gotta plow through to get to the trails.

Now go have a great hike this weekend, you’ve earned it!