Bird Scooters have landed in Palm Springs


Bird, an electric vehicle sharing company, has brought their fleet of shared, electric scooters that can be accessed via smartphone to Palm Springs.

Through the Bird smartphone app, riders can locate the most convenient Bird and ride directly to their desired destination.  Bird costs $1 to start each ride plus 20 cents per minute following.   At the end of a ride, you can park your Bird out of the way of public pathways and at bike racks where available.

For those riding Birds, they are to be ridden in the bike lanes and on the street, rather than on the sidewalk. Riders can only ride them during the day, as the scooters are dropped at their nests by 7:00am and the pick-up process begins at sunset to be stored, charged, and repaired.

All riders must be 18.

Get more info here.

Update: the city of Palm Springs seems not too happy about this.

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