The championship round of the Best Thing in the Coachella Valley tournament is here!

A/C Galli

It’s over! We have a winner!  Click here to see who it is.

And just like that, it is down to just two.

Two weeks ago, 64 entries came into The Best Thing in the Coachella Valley Tournament – everything from Coachella Fest to tweakers to those super comfy seats at the new La Quinta theater – all with the hopes and dreams of being crowned the winner.

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But now, after some amazing matchups, it all comes down to just two

A powerful number one seed that, in all honesty, almost none of us would be living in the Coachella Valley without, versus a scrappy number 13 seed that came out of nowhere last Thanksgiving by telling a heckler on live television that he boned his mother.

Let’s meet our final two entries.

Air Conditioning

With a basic concept dating back to ancient Egypt, and more modern methods going back only a little more than a hundred years, air conditioning is the best damn friend you have ever had in your life on a 122 degree August day in the Coachella Valley.

Sure, your best buddy can be expensive – but, that is why you turn your thermostat up to 80, leave your pad, and go mooch off of someone else whenever you can (oh, how we will miss you on those days, Dollar Theater).

Air conditioning is freakin’ amazing and the whole reason the Coachella Valley even exists as it does today.  It is cool, literally, no matter how sick and tired we are of constantly seeing those kids spot The General’s van on TV.

Joe Galli

What do you say about a reporter who found his way into every American’s Facebook feed in November by proudly proclaiming, “That’s exactly what I did to your mother buddy,” to a doofus at The Westfield Mall?  You do not say anything at all (mostly out of fear he will respond with yet another witty retort).

Instead, let’s let these amazing GIFs (and a video) tell you everything you need to know about “The People’s Reporter,”  Joe Galli:

Finally, let us not forget this piece of television magic:

And now it is time to get to it

There is really nothing more to say, you know the two worthy competitors.  You know what is on the line.  And now it is all up to you.


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