We’ve made it to the Elite Eight in The Best Thing in the Coachella Valley Tourney

Elite 8

Voting has now moved to the Final Four.  See who advanced and cast your votes here.

Here we are, down to the last eight. Three of the four #1 seeds remain (Coachella, the Tramway, A/C), along with some Cinderella stories like the #6 seed Nurses and the #13 seed TV reporter Joe Galli (who may currently be trapped inside of a colon with no way to know how well he is doing).  But, not all of them can make it to the Final Four.

Vote for your favorites all day today, Tuesday, then we will unleash the Final Four voting tomorrow.  This round features some crazy matchups: Coachella vs. the Film Fest, Nurses vs. Joe Galli, Air Conditioning vs. Parking in the Shade, and the Tramway vs. Joshua Tree.

I know it is going to be tough to choose between them – but then, no one said this was going to be easy.

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