What are the best sports bars in Greater Palm Springs?

A beer served at the bar during Happy Hour at Burgers and Beer

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Perhaps you have heard, THE DODGERS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!! Sorry for yelling in all-caps, but goddamn am I excited about it. Now, seeing as how none of us can actually afford to actually go to Dodger Stadium to see the games, we are resigned to watching at home or watching at one of the Coachella Valley’s sports bars. So, for this week’s IQ (yes, we just abbreviated that shit), we ask: what are the best sports bars in the Coachella Valley?

Now there are a lot of factors in play here when trying to decipher the best. Obviously, price is one – especially for super-long baseball games or if you plan to watch a couple of NFL matchups on a Sunday. Then, things could really start adding up if you’re buying up $10 craft beers.

You also have to consider if the place has a decent amount of TVs, if the old people at the bar aren’t demanding they be tuned into boring ass golf, and if they have the right provider to show the game you want to see. There’s also the quality of food, service, beer selection – you know what, I could go on all day, but instead let’s get to figuring out what’s the best sports bar in Greater Palm Springs.

Let’s discuss in the comments.