The Best Sandwich in Greater Palm Springs is Found in a Hidden Palm Desert Strip Mall

The Parma - Real Italian Deli Palm Desert
The Parma at Real Italian Deli

Tired of the same old rubbery tasting, five dollar footlong for lunch?  Maybe you should try a sandwich that actually tastes good!

I discovered Real Italian Deli in Palm Desert through a friend’s recommendation – it would be hard to find them any other way as they are tucked away in a strip mall on San Pablo between Circle K and a cell phone shop.  The place is true to its name – offering a deli counter as well as pasta, sauces, and other Italian eats.

Real Italian Deli Palm Desert

But it is the sandwiches that really make this place stand out. Several specialty options are on the menu (you can also build your own) – choose from a Genovese (Turkey, pesto mayo, lettuce, tomato), Caprese (Fresh mozzarella, baby greens, tomato), Torinese (roast beef, gorgonzola spread, lettuce, tomato), and more. I really recommend The Parma:

The Parma - Real Italian Deli Palm DesertThe Parma is an italian sandwich at its best: prosciutto di parma, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, and tomato all served up fresh on a torpedo roll (did I mention all of their bread is made fresh daily?). The ingredients of the sandwich go together perfectly – the prosciutto is of a really good quality (you forget how tasty good meat can be after eating enough processed crap at the chain sandwich joints), the cheese is so creamy, and the produce is top notch.  This tasty treat is going to set you back just under $9 – which is more than chain food fare, but look at it…just look at it!!!

photo 1

Real Italian Deli is at 44795 San Pablo Avenue #1 in Palm Desert. Not much in the way of seating, there are a couple of tables and chairs, but they can fill up quick – so you might just want to plan on grabbing a sandwich to go. Oh, and grab me one while you are there!