What’s the best grocery store in the desert?

The Important Question is a recurring thing we do on Fridays here at Cactus Hugs to get input on food, places, and things in the Coachella Valley from the people who know it best: you!  Brought to you by Riviera Palm Springs

Grocery Shopping. It’s that thing you do when you realize eating out every meal is making you broke and fat. We all do it. But, here in the desert (where grocery shopping is already complicated enough) where is the best place to do it?

With grocery shopping there is a lot to consider: price, food quality and freshness, and, of course, location – as driving across town with some ice cream in the car on a 115 degree day makes no sense for so many reasons.  You might also consider how friendly the employees are, the parking lot situation (looking at you, Trader Joe’s), and, perhaps most importantly, are there free samples being handed out!

In the Greater Palm Springs area, you might also have to consider if you want to constantly  be on the lookout for those electric carts mowing you down or if you are willing to spend 20 minutes waiting for the person in front of you to write a check…a CHECK!…in 2017!!

So where do you think is the best grocery store in the Coachella Valley and why?  Is there one that stands above the rest or are you like me and end up going to four or five of them to pick and choose items because that’s the kind of world we live in now?

Let’s discuss in the comments.

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