Bernie won’t be at Berniechella, but Ozomatli will – and they are much better musicians

Berniechella is happening tomorrow night in the city of Coachella. Party poopers The Desert Sun decided to quash the hopes and dreams of Bernie Sanders supporters by reporting that the Vermont Senator probably won’t make it to the event, but hey, there will still be beer and Ozomatli – and that is not a bad way at all to spend a Thursday night in the Desert.

The Senator, who suffered a crushing defeat in New York last night at the hands of Hilary Clinton, is scheduled for multiple events in Pennsylvania tomorrow without much of a window to make the trip west.

And maybe that is a good thing.  What if Bernie wanted to perform as well?  Did you really want to listen to this?

Ozomatli will be there – and they are rad – plus Zoe Kravitz, Shepard Fairey, and more – which is cool.

But, who knows, maybe somehow, someway, Bernie does show up to Berniechella and people all around the Coachella Valley start to #FeelTheBern or maybe the event is just have an excuse to hang out, drink beer, and listen to good music on a weeknight – something we should all do more often (no matter your political leanings) in the  Coachella Valley.