BBs at the River, Rancho Mirage
BB's at the River

BBs at the River, Rancho Mirage

BB’s at The River has announced the date of their grand opening: March 31.

The restaurant will open in the space at The River in Rancho Mirage previously occupied by Acqua Pazza, which closed it’s doors in December.

BB’s will be “an upscale restaurant inspired by California cuisine” according to The Desert Sun and a “#HotSpot” according to it’s own Facebook post.  The Desert Sun writes that the menu is coming from one of owner Jack Srebnik’s other SoCal restaurants: The 17th Street Café in Santa Monica – which was open for 25 years.

If it does turn out to be the same, the menu from theThe 17th Street Café  was listed as follows on Yelp:

Menu for Seventeenth Street Cafe & Bakery


Black Pepper Crusted Hawaiian Ahi Tuna
Seared red, sliced thin then served on asian cole slaw sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds with a side of rice wine ginger dipping sauce. 14.95

Warm Scallop Salad
Fresh sea scallops brushed with assorted fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil. grilled and served on a bed of organic mixed baby greens, tossed with sesame vinaigrette. garnished with grapefruit segments, julienned carrots, red cabbage and sprinkled with toaste almonds. 13.95


Lamb Salad
Fresh colorado lamb sirloin marinated in dijon, garlic, lemon juice, soy sauce and ground herbs. its grilled sliced and served on a bed of organic baby mixed greens, tossed with green beans, green onions, mushrooms and feta cheese in our honey mustard dressing. garnished with tomato wedges and slices of steamed new potatoes sprinkled with toasted pine nuts. 16.95

Shrimp Salad
Black tiger shrimp sprinkled with cajun spices grilled then served on a bed of organic baby mixed greens. tossed with cucumbers, radishes and mushrooms in our balsamic vinaigrette. garnished with fresh mango relish and garnished with lemon wedges. 15.95

Cold Poached Salmon
Fresh atlantic salmon fillet poached then served on a red leaf lettuce. served with a small salad made with organic baby mixed greens, dry cranberries, chopped granny smith apples and gorgonzola cheese in a raspberry dressing. garnished with lemon and tomato slices. served with a side of whole goani mustard dill sauce. 15.95

Matzah Brie
Three eggs scrambled with matzah and milk served with fresh fruit and cinnamon apple sauce. 8.95

Egg Challah French Toast
Prepared with our homemade egg challah or cinnamon egg challah, served with syrup, fresh fruit and sprinkled with powder sugar. 9.95

B.b.q. Chicken Breast Sandwich
Served on our rosemary pizza bun with red leaf lettuce. thin sliced red onions, tomato slices and avocado slices served with french fries and coleslaw with a side of b.b.q. sauce. 14.95

Salmon Frittata
Lox, red onions, tomatoes, asparagus, capers, fontina and mozzarella cheeses.


Half of California Raised Chicken
Marinated in a sundried tomato pesto sauce, pan roasted then served with summer tomato salad-made with red, yellow and green tomatoes and tossed with marinated red onions in our red wine dijon vinaigrette. sprinkled with julienne basil and shaved parmesan cheese. 22.95

Fresh Hawaiian Swordfish
Brushed with lime juice and extra virgin olive oil. grilled then served in a mediterranean salsa. (yellow bell peppers, fresh tomatoes, capers, nicoice olives and parsley) served with fresh steamed vegetables and rosemary roasted new potatoes. 23.95

Fresh Pork Tender Loin
Marinated with extra virgin olive oil, sage, thyme, rosemary and spices. grilled sliced then served with mashed potatoes, fresh steamed vegetables and a side of mango chutney for dipping. 25.95

Nicoise Salad
Fresh hawaiian albacore tuna slice thin and brushed with extra virgin olive oil. grilled rare then served on a bed of organic baby mixed greens, tossed with green beans, thin sliced red onions and green onions in our red wine dijon vinaigrette. garnished with steamed new potatoes, capers, tomato wedges, lemon and nicoise olives.

Tortilla Soup
Please ask your server 6.95, mild spice, garnished with chicken, tortilla chips, cheddar cheese & cilantro. 6.95

Chilled Gazpacho
Our chilled gazpacho has florida rock shrimp and is garnished with sour cream & tortilla chips 6.95


Bruschetta Pizza
Baked pizza crust with assorted fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil and fresh mozzarella cheese. garnished with fresh chopped roma tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, chopped red onions and fresh basil tossed with our balsamic vinaigrette. 13.95


Herb Grilled Chicken Pasta
Fresh chicken breast brushed with herbs, garlic and olive oil. grilled sliced then served on a bed of fresh spinach linguini. tossed with sauteed fresh roma tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, shiitaki mushrooms, garlic spinach and green onions. 17.95

Cajun Blackend Steak Pasta
12 oz. new york steak sprinkled with our cajun spices, grilled sliced then served on a bed of fresh lemon pepper fettucini. tossed with sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, chopped roma tomatoes and artichoke hearts. 18.95

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