Batman and Spider-Man Arrested in NY for Incident Involving “Buttocks Grabbing”

[media-credit name=”Flickr” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]Spider-Man[/media-credit]Things got a little nuts in Times Square on Saturday night – so much so that Batman and Spider-Man ended up getting arrested.

José Escalona-Martinez, 41, dressed as Batman along with pal Abdel Elkahezai, 35, donning a Spider-Man ensemble were charged with assault along with another man, 23-year-old Thomas Rorke, who the two claim caused the ruckus by heckling and sexually harassing them. The NY Post reports:

All three were charged with assault in the incident. But the superhero duo later claimed the whole messy slugfest was the fault of Rorke, saying he sexually harassed them. Elkahezai said Rorke grabbed Escalona-Martine, from behind and began to straddle him while screaming, “I’m gonna f–k you, Batman.”

Very, very not cool.

When Spidey tried to shoo away the unruly duo, Rorke turned his glad hands toward the web-slinger and grabbed his buttocks, Elkahezai said.

Spidey then sprayed Rorke with his web — shot through a bottle of Silly String that he carries as a prop — and Rorke started throwing punches.

“They forget we are people,” Elkahezai complained about the rowdy tourists and pedestrians.

The super heroes were both charged with assault and harassment. Rorke and Spider-man were released, while Batman was last reported to still being held in lieu of $750 bail.