Barry Manilow requests you only make a hologram of him after he croaks

Palm Springs resident (and guy who writes the songs that make the whole world sing) Barry Manilow is out promoting his Very Barry Christmas tour that is hitting several spots, including Rancho Mirage, in December. While giving an interview to the Tampa Bay Times, the topic of a Barry Manilow hologram came up (for some reason) and, if you have been thinking about making a Barry Manilow hologram, well, you should definitely read on…

Have you ever talked about creating a Barry Manilow hologram?

I beg your pardon? A hologram?

Yeah, a hologram of yourself. To perform in perpetuity.

I haven’t. But I sure would love them to do it to some of the older singers, like Frank Sinatra. I wish they would do that. That would be great fun. But do they work? Aren’t they exorbitantly expensive?

They must be. There’s a Roy Orbison one.

Roy Orbison as a hologram? Does it work?

Apparently. They’ve had success in Europe and across America.

Wow. No, I never thought about it. After I croak, maybe somebody will think about it. I’ve got so many concerts on tape, they probably could get something like that. But not while I’m still working.

So yeah, go ahead and just stop working on that Barry Manilow hologram right freakin’ now!!! In fact, you should never worry about working on it ever again as, God willing, Barry will be with us performing “Mandy” and “Copacabana” forever.

That said, those songs would be pretty incredible to see if they were a duet with Barry and a Roy Orbison hologram…although, I have heard that would probably be pretty expensive.

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