Fire department rescues teen from stuck Barney head after failed prank


A 15-year-old girl unitentionally supplied the internet with some amazing photos after her attempted prank left her trapped inside the head of Barney the dinosaur for several hours.

Darby Risner of Trussville, Alabama discovered the costume while hanging out with friends and thought it would be hilarious to put the purple dinosaur’s head on her noggin to prank them. As it turned out, Barney had the last laugh. Via WVTM:

The head slid down over Darby’s shoulders and she couldn’t get it off.

“They laid me down on the floor and Meredith took my feet and Sam took the head and they both pulled opposite directions,” Darby said.

Darby and her friends could not get the head off. They called the fire department, which offered to come and help, but Darby’s friends and family decided to go to the fire station rather than have trucks come to the house.

That had to be a hell of a thing for other drivers to see.

Barney 3

When they arrived at the fire station, there was the matter of getting the thing off of her head.

Barney 2

“When she first got there, we looked at it and it was tight,” said Lt. Vince Bruno of Trussville Fire and Rescue told the tv station. “It had come down around her shoulders and was holding her arms, which looked kind of like dinosaur arms because she could bend from the elbows down, and it was little comical.”

Barney 1

The head was eventually removed and Darby only suffered a few bruises.