Barack Obama is in the Coachella Valley this weekend and he didn’t even call to hang out

Former President Barack Obama is in the Coachella Valley this weekend, according to the Desert Sun – which is weird since he didn’t even call us to set up a karaoke night at Neil’s Lounge.

The Desert Sun confirmed with sources who have first-hand knowledge of Obama’s presence in the desert: He’s here, and he’s playing golf.

It follows a pattern: Every Presidents’ Day weekend since 2013, Obama has made a trip to the desert, often to play golf with three longtime friends from prep school in Honolulu – Greg Orme, Mike Ramos and Bobby Titcomb. It’s not clear who Obama’s golfing buddies are this weekend, however.

Obama could’ve gone to the Rancho Mirage Wine and Food Festival on Saturday or the Date Fest to watch bull riding and didn’t – his loss – and no one is sure what his plans are for Sunday (Greek Fest?) though a smart bet would be golf and maybe also golf.

If you happen to see him, let us know about it in the comments or, better yet, invite him out to Dringk – they have games and five dollar beers. Hell, we will even buy.

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