The “reality” show that is The Bachelorette aired an episode that had a small part of it filmed in Palm Springs and La Quinta on Monday night. This is a really, really short recap.

Note: This recap will not include anything from the rest of the episode which featured, for some reason, Ashton and Mila, a surprise appearance by one of the guy’s girlfriend, and some asshole who kept saying, “Waboom.”

Before going to Palm Springs, The Bachelorette tells the guy who she is bringing to Palm Springs – who, thankfully, is not the “Waboom” asshole – that there is a third party joining their date: her adorable dog, Copper, that has a cast on his leg.

Copper, The Bachelorette, and the non-Waboom guy spend the afternoon at a really odd party for dogs.

After that, The Bachelorette, Copper, and the non-Waboom guy go to La Quinta resort for a meal, some conversation, and some loud explosions which, undoubtedly, scared Copper, the rest of the dogs from the party, and every other canine in the La Quinta Cove.

The End.