Awesome newlyweds hold their wedding reception at In-N-Out Burger

Wedding reception food is the worst. The guests know it. The wedding planner knows it. The caterer knows it. Even the couple getting married knows it – but, they have to feed everyone in order to get all that overpriced crap they registered for at Potter Barn. One amazing couple decided to do things a little differently by holding their reception at In-N-Out Burger. These newlyweds are the best!

After their wedding ceremony in Rowland Heights, Juan Pablo Cervantes and his bride Vanessa Cervantes took their invited guests to an In-N-Out Burger in the City of Industry.

Cervantes told KTLA that the couple did it because they, “really like In-N-Out,” and that was “the only reason” they held the reception there.

The bride and groom each had a Double-Double and shared animal style fries.