Augustine Casino has a pretty darn good chavela

A chavela is a pretty versatile drink. It’s close enough to a Bloody Mary that it makes perfect sense as a nice breakfast or brunch beverage. But that doesn’t mean you can only drink it early in the day, as it’s also beer – and beer is good almost any time (yeah, ummm, maybe not church or job interviews, you guys). And you can find a pretty tasty chavela everyday at Augustine Casino in Coachella.

Augustine is one of the smaller casinos in the Greater Palm Springs area, so you’re not going to find a gigantic showroom booked with tribute bands or Air Supply every weekend – but you will find slot machines, table games, a pretty cheap buffet (with fresh cooked tortillas) and, of course, chavelas served in a giant goblet.

You can order your chavela with any of the beers they have. I always opt for the Negra Modelo because that’s the best chavela beer and I will fight anyone who disagrees (though the Mango Cart from Golden Road comes in a close second).

At just five bucks for the beer and a dollar more for the chavela mix and a Tajín Salt rim, it’s not a bad deal at all, plus Augustine has a free snack packs if you ask for them.  Yeah, dude…


And I am not alone in digging these chavelas, plenty of other people are liking the chavelas at Austine Casino too.

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Friday Brunch❤️ @augustinecasino🔥

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And because I did mention the Mango Cart earlier…

You will find the snacks and chavelas at Augustine Casino, 84-001 Avenue 54 in Coachella.

Get more info on the place here.

Cheers!  And enjoy your Augustine Casino Chavela!!