Ask Clare | Where should I go for a staycation in the Palm Springs area?

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Dear Clare,

My kids are driving me nuts and my husband isn’t helping. I need a staycation weekend with a girlfriend. Any suggestions on some good ways to relax in the desert (without being near children!)? Also, how to break the news to the husband?
– Meltdown Momma

Meltdown Momma,

Tell your husband what you told me. It’s perfectly okay to need a little break from time to time. If I were you, I’d plan a spa day Saturday (Miramonte, perhaps), a night out (dare I say The Nest?) and a Sunday brunch with mimosas (soak in the view at Vue or get your burger on at Eureka!). You can do all of this within a quick Uber of a few different Indian Wells hotels. Cheers!


Dear Clare,

My girlfriend is great. I really care about her and see myself being with her for the long haul. The problem is that she’s gained about 20 pounds since we started dating six months ago. She was thin to begin with but is getting to the point where she is just out of shape. I don’t want her to think I am not attracted to her but I do think taking care of yourself is important. Any tips on how to talk about this touchy subject?
– Buff boyfriend

Buff boyfriend,

Have you noticed that she’s less active than before? Do you eat well when you’re together? Is she stressed about something? It may be worth trying to support activities and choices that will help her fitness before you bring it up. If you do mention it, don’t do it often and try not to sound too judgmental.
– Clare


Dear Clare,

My coworker constantly comes into my office and talks to be for 20-30 minutes at a time. It doesn’t happen all the time but every couple of weeks. I try to keep doing my work and just nod and say, “uh huh” as he talks. He doesn’t seem to get that I don ‘t have time to talk to him, plus I don’t want to look like a slacker to my boss. What should I do to make my office less hospitable?
– Out of my cube

Out of my cube,

If you have an extra chair in your office, put some binders and papers on it. You can also try using headphones if that’s something your boss is cool with. You could also be upfront with your coworker and say you don’t want to get in trouble or mention an upcoming deadline. Good luck!
– Clare

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