Ask Clare: What Should I do with $50 I found in a parking lot?

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I was at my spin studio and found a fifty-dollar bill in the parking lot walking to my car after class. I thought, “lucky me!” and went about my day. When I told a friend from my class about it, she said that I should bring it to class next time and have them make an announcement. I think this is pretty ridiculous. It could have been from a nearby business or God knows who. Is it wrong to just spend it and move on?
– Finders keepers

Finders keepers,

No harm in keeping the cash as you’re right that it would be pretty hard to track down. If you’re feeling really lucky, you may want to head to one of the casinos and ante up. If you win there, take your friend out to lunch after your next class.
– Clare


Dear Clare,

I was texting a friend about a mutual friend we have. I was saying some pretty negative things about her post-divorce lifestyle. I accidentally sent a text about her TO her. I figured it out pretty quickly and was mortified. She didn’t reply but I also haven’t talked to her since and it was two days ago. Should I say something to her or hope by some miracle that she didn’t see it?
– Message mishap

Message mishap,

I would try calling her to feel out her vibe. If she’s acting normal – go with the flow. I’m sure you learned your lesson to double check before you send.
– Clare


Dear Clare,

My girlfriend wants to go to do coordinated Halloween costumes for a party that we’re going to with mutual friends. I know I am going to get heat if I go along with her. I’m also just not into the concept but I don’t want to seem like a jerk. She ordered hers and I told her that I ordered mine and I’m planning on just saying it never came. Does this make me the worst boyfriend?
– Where’s my Waldo costume?

Where’s my Waldo costume?,

It’s probably better to just be upfront – though you already let her buy her costume based on the notion that you would be in it together. You are either going to get crap from your friends or your girl at this point. Pick your poison.
– Clare

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