Ask Clare: My kids are upset that I’m teaching their children religion

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Dear Clare,

I babysit for my son and his wife once a week. They aren’t religious, haven’t baptized their kids and won’t let me take the girls to church. They recently found out from my four-year-old granddaughter that I teach her and her sister bible stories and bedtime prayers. I have never taken them to church. They’re threatening to cut out my time alone with my grandbabies unless I promise not to even mention God. This just doesn’t seem right. Am I out of line here?
– OMG Grandma

OMG Grandma,

You should probably respect your son and his wife’s wishes for their girls if you want to keep the peace. You can offer to take them to see Santa and the Easter Bunny but stay away from the hard stuff.
– Clare



I am a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. She’s not being a bridezilla at all, which is great but her sister is so controlling. The wedding is in November and bachelorette time is just around the corner. We’re all driving out to Vegas next weekend and I don’t know if I can make it through the car ride without getting into it with her. She won’t sign on to any plans that the rest of us want and the weekend will be a dud if she gets her way. Any ideas?
– What happens in Vegas

What happens in Vegas,

Compromise seems key here. Try to pick a few of the activities the sister has suggested and send out a schedule with those and what you and others are hoping to do. Just don’t put your friend in the middle of it or complain to her. It should be about her. If you have to suck it up – do.
– Clare

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Dear Clare,

My boss texts, emails and calls me a lot after hours and it is really starting to damage my relationship with my boyfriend. It isn’t a typical jealousy thing – my boss is a woman. He says I am more committed to work than him. I am more driven than he is. He likes my ambition but constantly nags me about my boss and long hours. Now when I am home I can’t even relax and enjoy our time together. How can I get him to back off?
– Working woman

Working woman,

Carve out some time that doesn’t include your phone (or your boss). Having boundaries with your boss is appropriate and will be helpful in the long run. Also, tell your boyfriend that you do care a lot about your career and that you need his support. Let him know that his concern is only making you more stressed. Good luck finding your balance.
– Clare

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