Ask Clare: My kids are home for summer and driving me nuts

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My kids (12 & 14) are home for the summer and driving me nuts. They call me and my wife at work every hour or two. They’re cooped up in the AC all day and by the time we get home need to get out of the house. I’ve worked all day and just want to relax at home most nights. Are there any low-key, enjoyable things to do on these hot summer nights?
– Dead tired dad

Dead tired dad,

Have you taken your kids to a Palm Springs Power game? What about movies on Tuesdays when most theaters discount tickets? Hell, a trip to Costco may even cure their cabin fever. You may want to consider a Desert Recreation District summer class/activity during the day to keep them occupied. You and your wife could swap days with another family to tackle daytime activities when you’re off work. I feel for you and all the desert kids trapped indoors.
– Clare


Dear Clare,

I found out I’m pregnant about a month ago. I am super excited. I am also super horny. My boyfriend refuses to sleep with me for fear that he will poke the baby – even after the doctor told us it was totally safe. Any advice?
– Sexpecting


It seems like logic/reason doesn’t have much to do with it if he’s already heard from the doctor. This may be something time will heal. You may also have to give him some space if he’s uncomfortable – wouldn’t you want the same? Good luck getting him to come around. Also, congratulations!
– Clare



I’m getting breast augmentation next week. It’ll be a pretty big change. I am not sure how I’ll deal with the comments I am sure I’ll get from my family, friends and coworkers. I haven’t told anyone about the surgery because I don’t want them to try to talk me out of it. How can I let people know afterwards without shocking them in person?
– ExciteDD


You could consider sending an email to friends and family to loop them in. You could also tell one person to disseminate the news to the rest of your friends and family. In terms of coworkers, I wouldn’t give a heads up. It could be inappropriate. Hopefully, they’ll resist any comments to your face. There will likely be chatter. Don’t worry. In a few weeks time, there will be much more exciting work gossip.
– Clare

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