Ask Clare: My allergies are terrible

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Dear Clare,

My allergies are terrible. I blame scalping. I called out of work the other day and my supervisor was really frustrated with me the next day. Today, she told me she needs me to come in next week on one of my days off to help with inventory. I think she’s doing this to get back at me for calling out. I’d really like to say I can’t come in. I don’t have specific plans yet but would really prefer not to work that day. Any idea on how to get out of work without looking too lazy?
– Employee of the month

Employee of the month,

Tell your supervisor that you’d love to come in but that you have an appointment with your doctor about some new allergy meds. Also, try to find an allergy med that works for you. If everyone that lived here called out for allergies, no one would work during the month of September.
– Clare



I lost my wedding ring yesterday. I think it was yesterday, at least. My wife hasn’t noticed yet but I am sure she will soon. Should I tell her before I get a new one or just get a new one that looks like the old one? We got married four years ago and spent about $500 on the ring, which was white gold. Money’s a little tight right now so she’ll likely notice if I take that much money out.
– In for a ringer

In for a ringer,

Let your wife know you lost the ring. Apologize and let her know it really upset you. If money is tight, you could shop together for a less expensive ring. Think silicone, wood, cobalt, titanium or pretzel.
– Clare



We’re working on plans for Thanksgiving. My in-laws usually host and have me, my husband and my parents over. They’re working on a kitchen remodel and asked me if my parents would mind hosting this year. They know our apartment is too small to host. What they don’t know is that my parents are hoarders and their house is a mess. How can I convince my parents to clean up their act?
– Dinner dilemma

Dinner dilemma,

Thanksgiving is a while away – while you could try to use this as an opportunity to encourage your parents to get their house cleaned out but a lower stress option for everyone may be to plan for Thanksgiving dinner out. Ask your parents to split the tab with you since your in-laws always host. Talk to your parents about getting professional help with the hoarding – certificates for a therapist and professional organizer may be in store for Christmas gifts.
– Clare

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