Ariana Grande’s Licking Costs Lake Elsinore Doughnut Shop “A” Health Rating

Ariana Grande Donut
Ariana Grande’s weird, America-hating stop into a Lake Elsinore doughnut shop has cost the joint its “A” health grade.

Joe Marin Marin told CBS that the health department issued his shop, Wolfee Donuts, a “B” Grade just a day after Ariana and her backup dancer boyfriend licked unpurchased doughnuts on top of the counter.

“I got a ‘B’ today,” he said. “I’ve been open for six years since 2009, and it’s always been an ‘A.'”

A spokesman for the health department said they were investigating the shop because the owner violated state food laws by leaving the doughnuts out in the open and “exposed to the public”.

Grande has apologized (kinda) for the incident, saying that she is against obesity – because that makes no goddamn sense at all.

The event is still the most exciting thing to ever happen in Lake Elsinore.