Are you available to cook the Kardashians a Thanksgiving turkey?

Hopefully, you have not yet made your Thanksgiving plans yet – as you may have to head to the gigantic Kardashian residence at the Madison Club in La Quinta to make sure the family of, ummm, let’s say entrepreneurs (?) is able to feast on Turkey Day.

The Kardashians spent last Thanksgiving in the Coachella Valley and, while they didn’t confirm that would be the case this year, they did explain to those who are attempting to keep up with them that they have a big dilemma surrounding the holiday this year.

Via People:

During a joint appearance with sisters Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian on Tuesday’s episode of The Real, cohost Adrienne Bailon asks whether they “actually” like to cook their Thanksgiving meal.

“I do. I love to cook,” Khloé, 35, said.

However, Kim, 39, added that the family’s “biggest argument right now” is whether to cook the huge holiday meal themselves or outsource it to a chef.

Yup. that’s the “biggest argument” this family has right now, reader.  And here you thought your family had big problems?

As for the cooking, I am no betting man, but, in this case, I might just go ahead and wager everything I own on them outsourcing the cooking of the bird later this month.