And we’re back (kind of)!!

After a fun-filled weekend jam-packed with signing a bunch of papers, packing, bribing some friends with beer and pizza to to help take a bunch of heavy crap out of the old place, cleaning the new place, using more pizza a brew bribes to get friend to help put the heavy crap into the new place, cleaning the old place, and dropping way too much cash at Lowe’s, I am bleary-eyed, sore all over, and back at the keyboard today. Moving is so much fun.

Thanks for standing by while this website was on stand-by the last couple of days and a special thank you to those of you who threw a couple of bucks into our Fridge Fund – you guys are rad and I don’t deserve you!

I will have another post up about moving in the desert later on this week – when I can find things again (sooo many boxes) and maybe after a much needed nap or two.

Thanks again for your support of Cactus Hugs.

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