Anaheim Man Decides to Finally Check Stack of Old Powerball Tickets. Wins a Million Dollars.

Powerball Winner Anaheim
The actual winning ticket (via California Lottery)

Do you have any old lotto tickets laying around. You may want to check them as one of them could be worth a million dollars.

Last week, Richard Denning of Anaheim finally got to checking through a stack of old Powerball tickets he had left sitting around and, well…

“I went to the store to check my tickets after work, and when I scanned the five numbers on the $10 Quick Pick ticket, I couldn’t believe when the screen said I had won over a million dollars,” Denning said in a press release.

How is that even possible?  Whenever I buy a ticket, I check the second the numbers come out for fear I would live one more second than I have to as a poor person!  Of course, that never works out.  Maybe I should just try hoarding a bunch of tickets for a while next time.

Denning won $1,109,553 by the way.