An IKEA store is coming to Ontario

You soon won’t have to drive quite so far to save money on furniture that you think you can put together pretty easily – but then wait, where does this screw go? And why do I have all these extra parts? And, oh shit, did I put this thing together backwards? Yes, my friend, IKEA is coming to the Inland Empire.

The Press Enterprise has the details on the 330,000-square-foot store, which is slated to come to the Meredith International Centre in a move the company says is designed to reach customers who live pretty far away from current stores, like you and me.

“We are in a rapidly changing retail environment,” IKESQ said in a statement. “To be fit for long-term growth, we are creating a new business model to make sure we’re accessible and convenient for our customers today and in the future. As a result, IKEA has purchased property in the Meredith International Centre.”

No word yet on when construction will start or a planned opening date.