An Aerial Tramway could be coming to Dodger Stadium

Driving in and out of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles can be, well, terrible. Traffic in the area is known to be awful and, just when you think it can’t get any worse, the parking attendant informs you that it’s $15 to park. But, that all might be changing soon as a plan for an aerial tramway taking fans from Union Station into Dodger Stadium is moving forward.

The privately funded tram would span 1.25 miles and take 5,000 fans per hour into and out of the stadium. The trip would only take five minutes.

The Los Angeles Metro has advanced the proposal to phase two, according to ABC 7, and now the company behind the planned tram, Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies, will need to provide more information about its business model, service design and value of the project to Southern Californians.

The tramway could be operating by 2022, reports Curbed. No word on what the cost to ride it would be.

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