Amazon might just have a solution (or two) to its porch thieves problem

Fully aware that people like the ease of having things they buy delivered to them, but don’t like to have those things ripped of by “porch pirates,” Amazon is working on a couple of ways to eliminate the problem of packages being stolen after they are left at the front door, reports CNBC.

Amazon is working Phrame, a company that produces “smart license plates” that can hold the keys to a car.  The car owner can grant access with their cell phone to anyone at any time to access the keys, including delivery drivers who would then leave the package in the trunk of the car.

Both Amazon and Walmart are also working on a program that would allow a smart door lock to allow delivery drivers inside your home to drop off packages – which could also include putting perishable items in the fridge.

And while it might sound weird to let a stranger in your house to drop off your new Fire Stick, a survey by Shorr Packaging showed 31 percent of U.S. shoppers have experienced package theft – so it’s probably something that many would at least consider.

Would you be up for either of these ideas?  Let’s discuss in the comments.