Amazon delivery driver caught on camera dropping a deuce in the street


Not sure what would be worse: learning your Amazon packages have been stolen from your porch or finding out your Amazon driver left a special poop delivery on your street.

That’s what happened in Sacramento this week, as Nemy Bautista recorded a delivery driver dropping a deuce in the gutter outside his house.

Amazon pooper

A Sacramento resident got an unwanted package outside his house, as an Amazon delivery driver just HAD to go. KCRA Mike Luery spoke with the homeowner who found the surprising delivery:

Posted by KCRA 3 on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bautista posted the video on Facebook and wrote, “ Why is your driver squatting in-front of my house? Let me give you a hint… he/she is not tying their shoes. I have it on video!”

Posted by Nemy Bautista on Tuesday, November 28, 2017


A supervisor was dispatched to house to clean up the mess, but Bautista says that they were not ready for what they would find.

“The delivery company supervisor came out in his personal car and was not prepared for cleanup,” Bautista posted on Facebook (via KRCA). “He was in shock when he saw the size of ‘it.’ He ended up scooping it up with a plastic bag, but didn’t want to take it with him (it smelled really bad).”

Bautista told FOX40┬áthat he did get an apology from Amazon and a gift card.┬áHe added that he was told the driver “has been dealt with” but he was unsure what that meant.