Gas Station AirBnb 2

Looking for a good deal on your next vacation? Look no further to the sweet deal that popped up on Airbnb this week where you can spend the night sleeping on the floor of a gas station for just 50 bucks a night. What deal!  Capitalism is amazing.

“(It’s) something for fun for the city of Salinas, see what people think,” owner Pete Shen told KSWB. “Rather than stay at a real nice comfy luxury place, this has a real nice experience.”

Shen says there has been lots of interest in the deal and it is easy to see why. For just 50 bucks a night you get easy freeway access and as many refills of Cherry Coke as you want – just one problem: there is no bed.


“I’ve leased it for about two weeks now and we’ve had over 200 views on our listing,” Shen said. “(The location is) center to town (with) easy freeway access. All you can drink and bring your own air mattress.”

Check in is 10 p.m. and checkout is 5 a.m. – perfect, since those are exactly the hours for anyone on vacation wants.

Sadly, the jerks at Airbnb have pulled the offer from their page.

RIP capitalism.

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