After stopping in town for a whopping 3 hours, Trump bashes Palm Springs (again)

Donald Trump, a man who once declared he wouldn’t accept campaign donations, made a quick stop in the Coachella Valley this week to grab checks from the Larry Ellison, a local gas station owner, and some other One-Percenters (which will soon likely end up in his own bank account), then headed out on Air Force One to host a few rallies, where he went on to bash Palm Springs (again).

While in Colorado Springs on Thursday, Trump told the of windmills, “And they’re all over the place. You look at Palm Springs, California. Take a look. Palm Springs. … They’re all over the place. They’re closed, they’re rotting, they look like hell.”

He also ranted on about bald eagles and windmills, which you can see below.

And while some may wonder what, exactly, Trump has against windmills, it really just comes down to the fact that he lost a court battle with the Scotland over the placement of windmills near one of his golf courses a while back, so now we have to hear him talk shit about them and how they cause windmill cancer forever – which is ridiculous but also better for your reelection chances than telling voters you are going to take away their healthcare after the election.

And a side note here: because I know the Facebook comments will blow up about this post – as they always do when Cactus Hugs posts the things Trump says using his mouth –  here’s the thing. When it comes to our town, I don’t care if it’s Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, or the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.  No matter who they are, if they’re going to talk your shit about our desert, they’re going to get called out for it.

Because the only people that get to talk shit about our windmills, Palm Springs, and the Coachella Valley are the people that fucking live here.