Adam Sanchez clearly knows: the best election signs are the recycled ones

What a week in the Coachella Valley for political candidate’s campaign signs.

Earlier this week we introduced you to what can only be described as a Palm Desert art installation and now awesome Cactus Hugs tipster Brian sends us this sign for Adam Sanchez, a candidate for City Council in Desert Hot Springs.

I don’t know much about Sanchez’s stance on the issues, but it appears that he is big into recycling.

The city council sign appears to be tacked onto an older sign for Sanchez’s previous campaign for Mayor of DHS and honestly, I am not even made at it as the thousands of signs that pop up throughout the desert every couple of years are gross, ridiculous and wasteful.

It also looks like this has been Sanchez’s strategy for some time now.

Though Sanchez may want to do something about his website as redirects to and, last I checked, though he was once mayor, Sanchez is not currently the mayor of Desert Hot Springs.