Las Vegas does not lack in options for entertainment. Whatever you are interested in is there – from concerts to Cirque shows to magic shows to full-on Broadway productions. But the best time you will have in Vegas takes place every night in a tent outside of Caesar’s Palace.

Absinthe is a cool mix consisting of equal parts: beauty, wonder, comedy, raunchiness, and amazing. As the New York Times notes, “Imagine Cirque du Soleil as channeled through ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show.’”


The critically acclaimed show describes itself as an “acro-cabaret variety show”. Absinthe is performed in the round getting guests up-close with world-class artists performing amazing feats of strength, balance, danger and unfathomable flexibility.

It’s crazy what some of these people can do.


The show is emceed by “The Gazillionaire” who, you should definitely know this in advance, is not for everyone. But, if you are not easily offended and like to laugh, you will get a kick out of him and the entire show – just maybe don’t bring your more conservative parents with you.


If you are planning on going, save some cash and grab your Absinthe tickets starting at just $89 (save $20 a ticket!) by using the code 20AMP here.


You can use some of the cash you save on tickets on a drink or two at the beer garden just outside the show on the Caesar’s Palace property.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect with Absinthe:

Enjoy the show!

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