Abner The Pig Escapes, Refuses to be Bacon!

abner the pig

Bacon is delicious, so long as you do not think of the adorable pig where it came from.

This week, Abner the pig refused to be the streaky goodness on your breakfast plate!

Neighbors in Wausau, Wisconsin were surprised to see a pig roaming through the city (they should see more movies perhaps?) – so they called authorities, a small chase ensued, and Abner was captured.

Abner was found to have had his two back legs tied together, which is probably sign that someone had purchased the pig with the intent to slaughter it – but Abner was just not having it and escaped.

Humane Society leaders have put Abner up in a “little pig suite” where he is being fed apples and popcorn amongst other things. The Humane Society will keep the pig for a week before handing him off to a cattle rescue.

WFXS, MyFoxWausau – News and Weather for Wausau, WI