Over the last few days, a lot has been written and said about Coachella – what with the surprise performances, brand tie-inscelebs, food pop-ups, and yodeling. But, can we just take a moment and celebrate the greatest thing to ever happen at Coachella.

I am talking about these permanent bathrooms that, starting in 2015, gave festival goers a chance to poop and pee like a human being instead of a damn animal in the Porta Potties.

Before the 324 stalls – real stalls – opened there was basically four options for relieving yourself:

  1. Holding your breath as long as you can, closing your eyes, and doing your best to not touch anything in the Porta Potty.  Seriously though, I am a dude and peeing in these things is bad enough.  Ladies, you should get a free beer or a discount or something from the festival if you have to use these things. 
  2. Holding it in as long as possible.
  3. Being a jerk and peeing wherever you want (this, sadly, happens way too much).
  4. Wearing a diaper.

Note: Back in the day you could also sneak into the VIP areas to use the better Porta Potties, but it got harder to sneak in about 2006 or so.

But then, in 2015, those three magical buildings popped up and, well, just look at them.  They are so beautiful.

There are toilets and sinks and soap and seat covers and props to the Coachella grounds crew because, all things considered, the bathrooms stay pretty clean.

And best of all, they aren’t too far from the second best thing to ever happen at Coachella: the Craft Beer Barn – allowing all of us quick walk to recycle those $12 IPAs.