A poem inviting Portillo’s to open in the Coachella Valley


Portillo’s is a fast casual chain of restaurants serving up delicious Italian beef dips, hot dogs, burgers – with most locations being in the Midwest. For some reason, there is also a location in Moreno Valley – yeah, Moreno Valley of all places. There should also be one in Palm Springs or the Coachella Valley and to help make it happen, below is a short poem.

First, for all of you not familiar with Portillo’s, look at it!!!


Okay, now that we have that out of the way, the poem:

Portillo’s, my God, your Italian beef sandwiches are so good
Portillo’s, oh how I wish you served them right here in my hood
Portillo’s, I would also eat your hot dogs and chocolate cake shakes if you were here
Portillo’s, I’m just saying that I really want you near
Portillo’s, seriously though, you need to open up in the desert now
Portillo’s, that’s the end of my poem…pow!

Welp, there you go.

Who say’s this isn’t a cultured blog.  Now, we just sit and wait for them to open in the Coachella Valley.