A Palm Springs resident demanded a Straight Pride Parade. It didn’t go well.

During a recent community meeting a Palm Springs woman took to the podium to discuss her desire for a Straight Pride Parade in the city. The moments that followed went about as you would expect.

Via the Desert Sun:

The meeting reached a fevered pitch when Angie Luntz took the podium to address a variety of complaints, including her desire for a Straight Pride Parade.

“Our children are so confused,” she said.

The crowd erupted in boos.

Ahh yes, a straight pride parade…for the children…*eyes roll so hard they fall into the back of my head*.

Anyhoo, one would think being booed by everyone in the room might make someone slightly self-aware that their opinions are not very popular or even good or, well, decent –  but, hey, not this person.

While the politicians hosting the forum had opened their evening pledging to host a free flowing discussion, the tone changed when many took offense to Luntz’s comments.

When Luntz started speaking out against a drag queen story hour at the public library, Roberts chimed in, and a Palm Springs police officer escorted her out of the room.

There really isn’t much to add here, except that the next Drag Queen Story Hour will be held on Tuesday, September 10 from 6 – 7 pm at the Palm Springs Public Library. It looks fun and your kids will probably love it and learn a lot too.  You can get more info here.