A long stretch of the 10 Freeway leading into Palm Springs to be renovated

(Google Maps)

The 17-mile stretch of the 10 Freeway between Beaumont and Highway 111 leading into and out of Palm Springs is due to see millions of dollars in improvements beginning in 2019.

Caltrans officials announced on Monday several projects, funded by the state’s gas tax increase, including $158 million for work on the 60 Freeway between Riverside and Ontario and $215 million to replace torn-up sections of pavement on the 10 Freeway between Pennsylvania Avenue in Beaumont and Highway 111 near Palm Springs, according to the Press Enterprise.

Officials said that drivers should be prepared for the possibility of “crossover lanes” in each project – which divert some traffic across the median into a lane of oncoming traffic, with traffic seperated by a concrete barrier. If you traveled up or down the Cajon pass on the 15 a couple of years ago, you know what this is.

Construction on on that stretch of the 10 Freeway is expected to start early in 2019 and will be completed in 2021.