Woman arrested for stealing jewelry from La Quinta homes

An Indio woman was arrested after police say she stole jewelry from multiple homes in La Quinta.

Pair arrested in DHS for stealing vehicles, a boat, and televisions from motel rooms

Two people were arrested on Monday after police say they stole two vehicles, a boat, and television from local motels

I tried noom and it’s honestly the only weight-loss app that has worked for me

“Holy shit…what is going on?” It’s the second time I’d said that in a week as I stood on the scale – only this time it was because I’d lost 7 pounds since I started using the noom app – which bills itself as a lifestyle-builder rather than just a weight-loss app.

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Police find stolen gun, narcotics after car crash in Cathedral City

Two men were arrested Friday morning following a crash that led deputies to finding a stolen handgun.

More people than ever visited the Living Desert over the past year

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens announced that they broke their all-time attendance record for the 2018-2019 season on Tuesday.

Things to do in Palm Springs this weekend

Here's what's happening this weekend in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.

Desert Beer Company has opened in Palm Desert

The Coachella Valley has a new brewery as Desert Beer Company has opened in Palm Desert.

Desert Hot Springs woman arrested for allegedly giving young kids marijuana

A woman was arrested in Desert Hot Springs after police say she supplied marijuana to three children under the age of 12.

Congrats! You are officially over the hot summer hump.

I know it doesn't quite feel like there is anything to get excited about today when it comes to weather - what with the humidity and the ground literally shaking under our feat in the desert - but, it turns out that yesterday was...

Earthquake hits near Twentynine Palms, felt around Greater Palm Springs

Well, that's a helluva way to start off a week.

Two injured in shooting in Coachella

Two people were hospitalized after a shooting in Coachella early Sunday morning. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department confirmed the shooting with KESQ, stating that deputies were called to where a party was taking place on Avenue 52 at about 1:45 am. Two victims were...

You can have a Palm Springs hiking trail named for you for only $500,000!

A local group trying to preserve Oswit Canyon in Palm Springs announced this week that a developer has struck a deal with them to not build on the site  for the low, low price of (Dr. Evil voice)...one million dollars (at least to start - and it's not really clear what the total cost would be). Like most groups do nowadays, Save Oswit Canyon has taken to the internet to solicit donations to raise the money by the end of the year and, as the Desert Sun notes, there is one perk in particular that may be of interest to anyone looking to leave a unique legacy in Palm Springs.


White Party Palm Springs 2020 to take place at new venue

Producers of the White Party Palm Springs 2020 have announced new venue which will host the nighttime parties for the event.

29 Palms police investigating stolen cameras find stolen motorcycle

A 22-year-old Twentynine Palms man was arrested on Thursday after police say they discovered a motorcycle reported stolen in 2015 in his possession while they were investigating a report of stolen security cameras.

The artist who made the Palm Springs mirror house has a new, very cool installation

The artist behind the Palm Springs Mirror House, one of the 2017 Desert X installations in the Coachella Valley, has a new piece floating above the skies of Massachusetts - and it's pretty damn cool.

Here are the special food items they’ll be serving at the Palm Springs Taco Bell Hotel

The Taco Bell Hotel, which is seriously a thing that is coming to Palm Springs in just a couple of weeks, has unveiled their menu of food items for guests - which includes some yet-to-be-released items that, just a guess here, will most likely be available at the fast food joint shortly after because why else would they even be doing this publicity stunt?

Palm Desert Whole Foods robbery suspect identified using peanut butter jar

Police have identified the suspect in a 2018 robbery at the Palm Desert Whole Foods store by using a container of peanut butter the man used to distract the victim.


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