Home Desert Life 80 Tips for Coachella Valley Newbies From Long Time Residents (60-41)

80 Tips for Coachella Valley Newbies From Long Time Residents (60-41)

80 Tips for Coachella Valley Newbies From Long Time Residents (60-41)
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Recently I asked longtime residents of The Greater Palm Springs Area for any advice they would give to someone who had just moved to The Desert.  Tips covered everything from dealing with the heat to driving to the old people.  Some were serious, some were not.  Some were smart, some were absurd.  Some were sincere and some were just dickish.

And now, in no particular order, are #60 – #41:

60) Learn Spanish, at least a little bit. (Ira C.)
59) Don’t have leather seats or you will be in a lot of pain. (Alexis S.)
58) You can’t beat the weather, can’t beat the golf, can’t beat the schools, can’t beat the quality of life but you can’t beat the old timers either so….
57) Am I considered long term? I’ve been here for 24 years. Anyway, in the heat of the summer, never leave home without a bottle of water. Watch out for bad drivers. Learn the names of the major streets. (Allison L.)
56) Tell them, if they are moving here for the discount on Meth, to makes sure they brush their teeth or they will lose them! (Robert M.)
55) Stay to the right and do the f%cking speed limit! (Amy W.)
54) Don’t come here with children, the schools don’t stack up. Bring offroad toys. Make sure there is work. And above all, know that it gets HOT in the summer (LLoyd S.)
53) Also avoid walmarts at the end or beginning of each month when everyone’s welfare check comes in. (Christian S)
52) Many businesses close in the summer, check the hours before driving somewhere. (Sarah L.)
51) Welcome to God’s waiting room please take a number (Derich L.)
50) Don’t walk barefoot to check your mail or take the trash out. Go from ac to ac – from your car to your house, from your car to your work. (Robert H.)
49) Always carry a cooler filled with water & ice no matter what part of the valley you live in (Billy B.)
48) Just remember when the temperature rises, the ocean is only 100 miles away (Tony A)
47) Avoid Costco on the weekends (Danielle S.)
46) Don’t move to the valley before you are retired (Jose B.)
45) Great golf, dining, music festivals, tennis tournament and hiking. If you are a water person, or don’t enjoy above activities, may not be the place for you. (Tara D.)
44) Sun shades are crucial, TKB deli/bakery in Indio is amazing, annual passes to the tram are worth it, summer sucks, but the winter make it all worth it. (Josh N.)
43) Get outside as much as you can while the weather is nice. Everyone gets cabin fever during the summer months, but if you head to the local park you’re going to find a lot of people making the most of it.  (Jerry S.)
42) If you can, avoid JFK Hospital. (Karla Q.)
41) Don’t worry about the old people, most of them really are pretty nice, and they don’t stay around long.  (Lorraine H.)

Next up: Tips #40-21