9 Things You Can Not Afford at Whole Foods Palm Desert

Last week brought the grand opening of Whole Foods Market in Palm Desert – and while that means another option for you to do your grocery shopping in The Coachella Valley (and a pretty cool bar area), it also means that you may want to ask for a raise at work…as some items are, shall we say, a bit out of your price range. Including:

1) This $32.99 Bottle of Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup Whole Foods Palm Desert

2) These $28.99/lb Steaks
Whole Foods Market Steaks

3) This $139.99 Bottle of Jack Daniels
Expensive Jack Daniels Whole Foods

4) This Bottle of $11.99 Salsa
Whole Foods Salsa Expensive

5) This $58 pair of shoes (???)
Whole Foods Shoes

6) This $43.99 Bottle of Balsamic
Whole Foods Market Balsamic

7) This $8.99 Bottle of Not Ketchup (Could be anything else I suppose)
Not Ketchup at Whole Foods

8) This $19.99 Jar of Cashew Butter
Whole Foods Cashew Butter

9) This $279.99 Bottle of Champagne
Whole Foods Chamagne

Okay, so $562.94 for 9 items might be a tad outside of your budget, luckily, there is one thing that is affordable…
Whole Foods Beer

Craft beers in the bar are $4-$8, and they have some killer food specials – that even come with a beer!Whole Foods Daily Specials

And that is just money well spent.