9 questions I have for the woman who let her dog pee in the aisle at Petco and didn’t clean it

Earlier today, while buying up yet more food for my cats to eat and sand for them to poop in, I witnessed a woman walking her dog through the Petco. This, of course, was no surprise – as Petco allows owners to walk their pets through the store as, well, those animals keep the damn store in business. What was surprising, however, was the woman who watched her canine take a leak in the aisle and then walk away, telling no one, without cleaning up a single drop. Needless to say, I have some questions for this woman.

1) What the hell is wrong with you?
2) Are you aware that it didn’t just magically vanish and one of the employees had to clean it up?
3) Are you one of the ones who believe that retail workers “get paid too much” for what they do?
4) Did you not hear me when I pointed out your dog peed in the aisle as obnoxiously as I could after I saw you were just going to ignore it?
5) Did you also not hear me mention it again when I loudly pointed you out to an employee while describing what happened?
6) Did no one ever teach you how to people?
7) Have you ever considered fish as a pet instead of a dog?
8) Are you aware your hell will just be an eternity of you cleaning up pee left in the aisle by other people’s dogs?
9) Seriously though, what the hell is wrong with you?

Dogs are going to be dogs and they are going to pee where they shouldn’t sometimes. Be a good human and clean it when that happens.

This has been brought to you by sentences that I never thought I would have to type.