dennys cash

The LAPD is puzzled why this man left 8 grand in cash behind at a Westchester Denny’s in the week leading up to Christmas. While most of us are puzzled as to why anyone with that much coin on them would go to a Denny’s in the first place, authorities have now released surveillance photos in hopes of identifying the mystery diner.

The guy left the cash behind after eating dinner (!) at the Denny’s on W. Century Boulevard in Westchester on Dec. 19, reports ABC 7. That location is near LAX.

Simple math tells us that the man may have just wanted to order 4,000 items from the two dollar portion of the “$2 $4 $6 $8 Menu“, but then probably realized that 4,000 slices of french toast would have just been too filling.

Anyone with information should call the LAPD Pacific Division at (310) 482-6313.

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