Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Gentlemen of the Greater Palm Springs Area, now is the time to get your gift buying done! Not on the night of the 13th, not during your lunch break on the 14th, but NOW, while shelves are still stocked with cutesy crap. Ladies, this is when you start hinting at what you would like to be “surprised” with.

While your lady might be content with the traditional flowers, jewelry, stuffed animals, and chocolates (and who wouldn’t be?), here are so other options that are a little more creative!

Get some fresh air!

Go to one of the many great parks in the Coachella Valley on Valentine’s Day, lay out a blanket, nom on some chocolate covered strawberries, let your lady rest her head on your chest, and just stare at the sky. Yes, those are very specific instructions. Follow them and you’re sure to put a smile on her face. I’m a lady, and I can tell you right now that something like that would definitely make me happy. 😉

The trick with this one is keeping the details in the dark. Maybe take separate cars to the park and hide the fact that you want to lay out, until you arrive with a blanket and snacks. Hiding the chocolate covered strawberries would be smart too. A man that can pull off a good surprise is a good man, indeed.

Try your luck at catching a Valentine’s Day shooting star!

Star gaze! Drive around, maybe even head out from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree, and find a nice spot to check out the Milky Way. For the perfect “how-to guide” on pulling off something like this, you can click here. For added “awwww” toss on a romantic song and slow dance under the stars. Man, I’m good!

A Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt!

I am partial to elephants, this fella is pretty cute, and would be the perfect addition to a scavenger hunt!

Now, this would take a little planning. If you are in cahoots with your partner’s coworkers, this will definitely be easier to orchestrate (especially if office keys are required). Before she goes into work, or once she is done, you can hide little presents in her office. A sweet note, her favorite flower(s), a cute stuffed animal, and of course a card telling her how much you love her and how great it is having her in your life! If you are hiding presents in more than one location, don’t forget instructions on how/where to find the next gift. And make sure none of these these things can be found out in the open.

When you know she is at work, send a little text saying “hey beautiful, check in your filing cabinet” (or something equally gooey). Once she has the first item, she can check in with you, then you can toss out the next clue. Have fun with it. This can be a text clue or paper clue based scavenger hunt. With paper clues, she’ll have something cute to keep as a momento, so bare that in mind.

Say It With Beef

A bouquet of beef jerky – This needs no explanation. It’s literally the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Say It Without Beef

Write a nice letter. I write letters all the time, because that’s just what I do. Sometimes they’re short and sweet (much like myself), sometimes they’re 10 pages long. What better way to show how you feel, than with the written word? Handwritten letters and notes are possibly my favorite Valentine’s Day gift to get because they are from the heart. Fold it up and put it inside a sweet card, and you’ll have a happy gal for sure.

If you’re the creative type, a cute comic might be the way to go too!

Fireworks at Disneyland

For those of you that are spoiled like me and have a Disneyland Annual Passport, this would be a great V-Day adventure! Ditch work (tell them Casey from Cactus Hugs gave you permission) and spend the day at the Happiest Place on Earth!

If you can’t spend the day out there, then head out after work and enjoy the nighttime ambiance. Grab some hot chocolate, find a nice viewing spot, and enjoy the fireworks with your loved one. Get all cuddly and shit. The more people that get nauseated by your gross ass PDA, the better! Look at you two, making people sick. Way to go! 

Frickin’ Laser Tag

Laser Oasis in La Quinta is offering a Valentine’s Day special of 2 games of laser tag, 2 rounds of the rope course, 2 slices of pizza per person, and 2 sodas…all for $30! Get competitive, have a bite to eat, all while enjoying each other’s company!

Recreate that scene from Titanic…

Throw caution to the wind, and just go at it in the back of your car. 

I think that last one might be indicative of the fact that I have run out of ideas and am just grasping for anything…

I hope your Valentine’s Day is fun and memorable. While it may be the penultimate day to let all your love out, don’t forget about the regular days throughout the year. Small random presents and thoughtful gestures speak volumes. My favorite memories stem from the unexpected adventures and surprises that have come my way.

What are your suggestions for Valentine’s Day?  Let’s discuss in the comments.