If you find yourself driving along Highway 111 in The Coachella Valley, these are the 7 types of drivers you will encounter:

1) Old People

You would think they would be in a hurry (seeing as how they are running out of time on this planet) – but nope. They are going to take things nice and slow – and they are going to do it in the left lane with their turn signal on…and then, of course, there is always the threat of this.

2) Tourists

Is it that every awful driver in America likes to vacation in Palm Springs or do people just lose their ability to properly operate a vehicle once they pass the windmills?

3) These Trucks

Seriously, can you try to fit just one more thing in your truck bed fella? We are not nearly terrified enough following you with the 750 items currently in your truck bed.

Loaded truck

4) Texters

The car in front of you, swerving in and out of lanes and breaking for no reason, that is just someone who feels their texts and snaps are so much more important than your safety

5) Assholes

Rules of the road are apparantly not for these jagoffs.  They will swerve and speed as much as they want.  Safety be damned!  (For some reason there is never a cop around to catch these idiots)

6) Bikers

Living out their dream by taking to the open road. It must be awfully comfortable wearing all that leather in 115 degree heat.

Moto Leather

7) Locals

They know where they are going (which is work – and they are late), so can everyone just please get the hell out of the way

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