7 tips to keep your valuables from getting stolen from your car while you hike

Police arrested a man this week after they say he stole items from vehicles parked near the Bump and Grind Trail while the vehicle owners were out on the trail.  As, unfortunately, there will always be people looking to take advantage of people when they least suspect it, how can you keep your stuff safe while hiking?

Here are some tips:

  1. Leave your valuable stuff at home.  A thief can’t steal what isn’t there.  If you can leave your purse, laptop, etc. at home while you hike, then do that.
  2. Put your stuff in the trunk. If you have no other choice but to leave things in the car, put them in the trunk – but, and this is important, do it before you get anywhere near the trailhead.
  3. Leaving things under the seat or on the tire is not a good hiding spot.  Thieves know to look there.
  4. Take your driver’s license, credit cards, and phone with you (especially the phone in case you get lost or need help).   Amazon offers a ton of cool items that will help you easily (and in some cases discreetly) carry all your stuff on the trail – such as this, this, and this.
  5. Check out the parking area before heading out on the trail.  See anyone suspicious who is looking into cars or just sitting in a vehicle?  If you get the feeling their is a shady character in the lot, don’t leave your car there.
  6. Park in a busy parking lot.  Now this might not always be an option for all hiking trails, but for trails like the Bump and Grind, you can park in front of Target.  Yes, this will mean you have to walk further, but you are hiking, right?  Think of it as a few extra calories burned and a some extra steps toward your Fitbit daily goal.
  7. Make a sign that says, “No Valuables in Vehicle” and hang it in your window.  It is kind of ridiculous, but it might just work.

(h/t WTA)

Image: Instagram