drive thru palm desert
Drive Thru

drive thru palm desert

If you are new to Palm Desert, California, then you might be surprised to learn that while there are fast food restaurants along highway 111, they do not have drive-thrus.  This can make things a little strange for first timers.

The Seven Stages of Learning Palm Desert Does Not Have Drive-thrus:


You have a case of the munchies, but not a lot of dough, so you pull in to grab something from the dollar menu, only problem: you can not seem to find where the hell the drive-thru lane begins:


After driving around the entire building you realize that they have no drive-thru window!!!


How can a fast food place not have a drive-thru?


Oh no.  You are going to have to park your car and walk in? It is 115 degrees outside! By the time you get your food, the inside of your car will feel like an oven.


All these people are here with co-workers, friends, and families – but as for you, you’re all alone. Why did you not at least change out of those pajamas – oh, yeah because you thought you were just going to pull through in your car!


Okay, maybe this is not all that bad. It looks like other people are here alone and waiting for their orders too. Plus you can spend this time studying the menu for next time and at least you are saving a little bit on gas.


Your food is ready and, all in all, this was really not that bad. You can grab as many ketchups as you want (instead of the 2 they normally throw in the bag) and then be on your way.

Unfortunately, you were right: the inside of your car has gotten a bit toasty.

(Top Image via dickuhne / CC)


  1. I always thought that was the dumbest thing about Palm Desert. That was the way I found out there was no drive thrus when i moved out here 10 years back.

  2. By the way i miss ur morning show on 93.7. That Free and Hotwings show they replaced u with is sooooooooooo stupid.

  3. Awwww…thanks Angela. I miss you too. Thanks for checking out the site and leaving the nice comment.

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